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Lemon oil

Properties of Lemon Oil



Anti- inflammatory.
Benefits of Lemon Oil for Skin
Lemon oil for acne treatment
Lemon oil for skin lightening
Lemon oil aids in reducing cellulite
Lemon oil to prevent premature skin aging
It boosts collagen production
Lemon oil aids in reducing skin oiliness
The oil works best in tightening the skin pores.
Lemon oil for healing rough patches on the skin
Lemon oil contains high sources of vitamin c which is used to treat rough patches. The rough patches are caused by excessive exposure to direct ultraviolet rays.
Lemon oil can be used as an insect repellent.
Helps in fighting insomnia.
Lemon oil is an effective remedy for a refresher the hair.
Lemon oil is used as a cleaning disinfectant.
Can be used to boost the body’s immune system.
Lemon oil acts as a cure for stomach ailments such as cramps, indigestion as it contains high quantities of carminative.
Lemon oil is used to treat contagious disease like malaria and fever.
Aids in fighting stress.

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